Workers Compensation Lawyer Represents the Employer in Maine

Skilled Attorney Advocating for Maine Employers

Employers are the overlooked stakeholder in Workers’ Compensation. Employees are represented. Insurance carriers have loyal defense counsel. Is anyone truly representing the employer on the following:

  • Interfacing and talking in acronyms (NOC, for example) with claims management
  • Supporting management at claims reviews
  • Securing appropriate medical guidance
  • Managing return to work to avoid creating permanent light duty positions
  • Addressing unwieldy and inconsistent work restrictions
  • Avoiding abuse of fixed-rate partial payment schemes
  • Securing genuine collaboration on claims which should be litigated
  • Resolving coverage issues
  • Defending against unfounded claims where there is no requirement for coverage (independent contractor or domestic employee hired and injured)
  • Avoiding inadvisable settlements
  • Defending workers’ compensation discrimination claims (not covered by Workers’ Comp policy)
  • Addressing Abuse Investigation Unit penalties
  • Obtaining the right to designate counsel
  • Mitigating experience modification impact

From our Maine office, Kline Law Offices LLC represents the overlooked stakeholder funding all the costs with the least input on a comp claim – the employer. To schedule a consultation with a dedicated employer workers’ compensation attorney, call +1 (207) 772-4900 or send me an email at: [email protected].